Globalization has created so much change and has become a true phenomenon worldwide.
This has affected the way our cultures integrate from ideas to freedom and borders.
With this comes the wave of outsourcing from third world countries which creates a lot of controversy.
While this has created attention for a lot of factory conditions that are just unacceptable, it has also helped in pushing people out of poverty as they are being given jobs.
We give back to the community by:

The current conditions of those without proper jobs in the Philippines is truly deplorable. Most people are not able to afford housing so they either live on the streets or become informal settlers which are seen all over Manila. Malnutrition has also been growing despite the steady supply of food, the income of the people isn’t enough to access it.

Child labor has become common with children being forced out of school to work in terrible conditions. More than 3 million children are part of this labor force which is almost 16 percent of the population. With conditions like this, the crime and thievery rates are just on the rise as their only way to survive. Family sizes in the slum areas are usually large and so it takes a lot of money to provide for this amount of people.

We at EOI Digital see that I.T. has created a huge impact in becoming an economic driver to developing countries like the Philippines. This is why we want to build our culture from its roots with Corporate Social Responsibility set as a priority and at a high standard.

We’re firm in our belief that companies should always give back. Since we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility plays a big part of the firm’s goals, we believe any company has something to give. We want to give back to our local economy and aside from acts of charity, we want to extend it further by creating well-crafted projects that will improve the current I.T. infrastructure as well as help the local growing startups. In all this, we want to help educate people so that we are able to pull the entire ecosystem forward.

At the same time, it all starts at the core of your company. EOI Digital recognizes that and goes even further with our employees. Apart from giving them fair wages, we do our best in educating them from our office culture to different skills they can use in their everyday life. We collaborate with them and brainstorm as a team of possible innovations in the future. This creates a well-balanced and enjoyable experience, allowing them to enjoy their professional lives to its fullest.

By creating an efficient fusion between the working culture in Europe and locally, we hope to raise the standards of the office not only in Manila but also in other developing areas in the future. EOI Digital aims to grow with a mission: turning businesses digital in order to make the world a better place.